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Mar. 21-Apr. 20

Aries, you possess a lot of self-esteem, but on Tuesday an associate might make you feel guilty because of past mistakes. You could still blame yourself for actions that occurred long ago. Banish negativity from your life this week. You'll receive a blast of karmic good fortune on Thursday. Someone you helped in the past will return the favor. Misunderstandings will be the norm on Saturday. The Moon in Aries is quincunx Mercury retrograde. Be clear when speaking to others.

Apr. 21-May 20

Mellow is your middle name, Taurus. You strive for harmony, but you aren't a pushover. On Tuesday the Full Moon takes place in your zone of friends. Tempers may flare with acquaintances. You'll state your case clearly. Watch your words on Friday. Be careful not to disclose confidential matters to anyone you don't completely trust. Don't tell secrets in a public place. Take a new look at a proposed project on Saturday. You may have missed some of the finer details.

May 21-June 21

Your home will be your castle on Monday. Your feet will be planted firmly in front of the fireplace for a change. Messages may become scrambled on Wednesday when the Moon opposes your ruler Mercury, currently retrograde. Don't assume associates know what you mean. Be as clear as possible when speaking. Idealistic thoughts fill your head on Sunday. You'll come up with a plan to make the world a better place.

Mar. 21-Apr. 20

You may be on a collision course with an associate on Tuesday. Your ruler the Moon opposes the Sun in persnickety Virgo. You'll bump heads with someone who's very exacting. This person may be critical of your actions. Good ideas will inundate you on Thursday. It's possible you'll want to share your thoughts on a blog. Responsibility will be your motto this weekend. You'll hunker down with domestic matters. Repair work on your residence will take top priority.

July 24-Aug. 23

You enjoy being the center of attention, Leo. This week you'll take a step back and retreat from public view. On Monday your ruler the Sun enters your zone of values. You'll take time to reflect on what makes you happy. You may feel thwarted on Tuesday. An associate will try to take the scepter from your hands. Give an important matter a rest on Friday. There's no hurry to take action on this issue. Wanderlust takes over on Sunday.

Aug. 24-Sep 23


Happy birthday, Virgo! The Sun enters Virgo and your sector of self on Monday. What a wonderful way to start the week. Your sense of personal well-being will rise. "Yes, I can" will become your favorite mantra. Your insight will be extraordinary on Thursday. A flash of insight will help you solve a perplexing problem. Unfinished business may arise on Saturday. You'll revisit a matter you thought was put to rest. A second chance is a possibility in this situation.

Sep. 24-Oct. 22


You'll be the flavor of the week, Libra. On Monday the Moon trines Venus in lovely Libra and you'll radiate an appealing aura. Get ready to be inundated with invitations. This is the perfect time to meet new people. Your sixth sense will be powerful on Thursday. You'll have a prophetic dream. Follow your hunches. A former foe may want to make amends on Saturday. You may be in no mood to forgive and forget. Act in a way that feels right.

Oct. 23-Nov. 22

Scorpio, the Sun enters your sector of hopes, dreams, and wishes on Monday, galvanizing you to pursue your heart's desire. Finding your bliss will be a main priority. Fate steps in on Thursday and you may receive a chance to revitalize your life. A new opportunity will open many doors. A misunderstanding with a friend could prove difficult to resolve on Saturday. Assess how healthy this friendship really is over the weekend. Changes might be in order.

Nov. 23-Dec. 22

You'll engage in a home makeover on Tuesday, Sagittarius, when the Full Moon takes place in your sector of home, family, and property. Don't be too quick to redecorate from top to bottom. Later you'll be sorry you took your prized possessions to the junk heap. A difficult matter will be resolved on Thursday. Rumors may follow you on Saturday. A jealous rival could dish up gossip to your social network.

Dec. 23-Jan. 20

The way you view the world will change drastically on Monday, Capricorn. As your thinking patterns evolve, so, too, will your perspective. You'll realize that life is full of options. Issues with a sibling will come to a head on Tuesday. The Full Moon takes place in your zone of close relations. A long discussion with your family member may occur. Boredom might prevail on Saturday. Activities that held your interest in the past may be worth another look.

Jan. 21- Feb.20

The world will beat a path to your door this week. On Monday the Moon in Aquarius trines Venus and your social life will heat up. Play will take second place to duty on Friday. You may need to take on a responsibility for a family member. This person will require an enormous amount of help. Be prepared to put your life on hold for a while. Try not to be too impulsive on Saturday. Make an effort to be cautious.

Feb. 21-Mar. 20

Destiny calls this week. Keep your ears open. On Tuesday the Full Moon takes place in Pisces and you'll undergo a life-altering experience. The Universe is closing doors so that new ones can open. Restless feelings take center stage on Thursday. You may find it hard to concentrate. Your thoughts will be very scattered. This isn't a good time to make important life decisions. Wait until you're on a more even keel. Mixed signals with an associate occur on Saturday.

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